Toilet and Sanitation Project

In Indonesia, poor communities and neighborhoods have limited access to basic infrastructure, including sanitation. There are million people especially in rural still practice open defecation because they have no access to basic sanitation facilities. It also happens in some area of Pekerti’s artisans. People defecate in the backyards or river and they think that nature will take its course. There’s a widespread lack of awareness about the importance of sanitation.

New ImageAs the first Fair Trade member in Indonesia, the ethos of Pekerti in its daily practices refers to the 10 Fair Trade principles. The value of Fair Trade is implemented in a variety of activities, one of which is related to sustainability and environmental concerns. One of Pekerti’s activities related to the environment is providing clean toilet facilities in artisans’ neighborhoods.

To combat the problem of sanitation, Pekerti sought financial support from CSR fund of Jasa Raharja PT, the government insurance company.


  1. Yolanda Barham says

    I work at Ten Thousand Villages in Cary, North Carolina, USA. We love your products and I’d like to meet some of the artisans. I am hoping to connect with one or more artisan groups or visit a workshop when I visit Indonesia this December. I will be spending time in the Lombok region, Jakarta , and Yogyakarta.

    Kind regards,
    Yolanda Barham
    Ten Thousand Villages
    Cary, North Carolina

  2. Nuraenah says

    Hello Yolanda!

    Thank you so much for your message! Please do receive our apology for delay to reply your message. We are happy to hear that you will visit Indonesia. Our office in Jakarta, if you have time, it would be great if you visit us in jakarta. For artisan group we can recommend to visit our artisan group in Yogyakarta. For the next communication, please send email to our colleague, Ukrumah Suda, the head of Marketing Department of Pekerti : and cc to

    With very best wishes,

    Nur Aenah
    Community Development and Public Relations

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