Ceramic Industry Intervention

This project began after Volunteering In Development from Australia volunteer Anton Clark visited the Pundong District near Yogyakarta, where traditional clay products are made. There, with English ceramics expert, Simon Platt, Anton assessed the possibility of providing aid to the ceramic industry in Pundong. Soon after, they submitted a comprehensive proposal for business re-establishment. Aside from working capital and kilns, the proposal outlined new technology that could be cheaply incorporated into the industry to increase efficiency and production as well as a training program aimed at shortening the supply chain and increasing market access.

This project was completed in the following stages:

1.     Project Preparation – resurvey of beneficiaries, program socialisation

2.    Training in kiln construction

3.    Business training – business development, market access

4.    Market linkage survey and seminar

The six-month training has brought about positive impacts on the participants in terms of their newly acquired skills and knowledge. They now use 50 per cent less wood by using two-side fire burning and with newly introduced insulation techniques, are achieving higher than previous kiln temperatures.