Craft For Food

This project was carried out in collaboration with Oxfam International in 2006-2007, in Banda Aceh. Craft for Food was aimed at establishing and re-starting handicraft businesses as a way of carrying-out economic recovery after the Boxing Day tsunami. The beneficiaries of this project were female producers, 65 of whom make embroidered bags and 15 of whom make accessories. They were placed into the following groups:

1.     Huntara Ajun

2.    Ulee Madon, North of Aceh or called Koperasi Wanita

3.     Tasa

4.    Idirayeuk

5.     Simpang Ulim

In undertaking the Craft for Food program, Pekerti had the following goals:

  • Assisting 80 beneficiaries to generate income from their handicraft products
  • Promoting the survived handicraft business in order to increase their capacity and create increased employment opportunities within them
  • Stimulating those beneficiaries who were also tsunami survivors, who had lost their occupations, to generate a renewed income

The program aimed to teach the beneficiaries handicraft skills, in this case, embroidery skills, and business management skills.

Craft for Food resulted in increased income, generation of new skills, re-establishment of businesses and creation of new businesses for the beneficiaries involved. Through it, Pekerti has undertaken training for field workers and beneficiaries in product management, costing and pricing, quality control, product development, bookkeeping, business management, production and marketing. The project resulted in the establishment of co-operative Koperasi TASA.

Koperasi TASA has developed into a well-managed business in terms of administration, promotion, marketing and product documentation. With the help of Pekerti, its products have penetrated the export market. The number of products sold and product value has increased since its founding and producers are experienced in applying business management skills such as marketing, production planning, coordination in the production process, quality control, bookkeeping and price calculation. Producers have improved their negotiation skills and ability to attract customers.

Producers from Koperasi TASA have since taken part in the Export Product Fair and Inacraft Fair in Jakarta. The most inspiring thing about the Craft for Food program has been seeing a renewed confidence in producers upon the completion of training.