35 Reasons to Support Fair Trade


There are plenty of reasons to support Fair Trade.

After being reviewed by Pekerti Team, finally we recommend these reasons.

These are the 35 Reasons why people support Fair Trade :

1.   To ensure producers receive an adequate price
2.   To provide producers with meaningful work
3.   To encourage workers to develop their skills
4.   To put people before profit!
5.   To invite non Fair Trade craftspeople to participate
6.   To protect children, not employ them
7.   To ensure comfortable working conditions
8.   To allow whole communities to flourish
9.   To promote global solidarity in taking action
10. To allow people from developing countries to use new technologies
11. So producers can increase their knowledge and use their creativity
12. To reduce the monopoly over trade
13. To promote the need for product development
14. To bring attention to the health of artisans and consumers
15. To contribute to achieving social justice for ALL
16. To ensure the sustainable use of raw materials
17. To build the intelligence of the next generation in trade and environmental conservation
18. To promote product diversity in the marketplace
19. To help people to have the essentials
20. To provide a wage level appropriate with skill
21. To encourage producers to find solutions to problems they experience
22. To guarantee the humane treatment of workers
23. To teach producers how to market their products in the face of global competition
24. To provide members of the public with a simple action, such as buying a bar of chocolate, that can have long-term benefits
25. To allow craftspeople to exchange information
26. To guarantee product quality
27. To ease the negative effects of environmental destruction
28. To create a mutually beneficial partnership between producer and consumer
29. To provide an obligation for producer and consumer
30. To promote humanitarianism
31. To make sure women and men have equal rights at work
32. To retrieve national pride in cultural products
33. To promote transparency of information and communication
34. To offer small farmers an alternative to agriculture
35. Because people all over the world CAN make the change!

Thank you to our contributors

Andrea Fútterer of GEPA – The Fair Trade Company, Germany
Andrea Reitinger of EZA Fairer Handel, Austria
Antonio Baile of Aleternativa3, Spain
Asok Darso, Fair Trade producer, West Java, Indonesia
Chris Sandillon of Ten Thousand Villages, USA
I Ketut Alit Angga Wardhana, Fair Trade producer, Kasiani, Bali, Indonesia
I Made Sujana, Fair Trade producer, Bala Putera Dewa group, Bali, Indonesia
Johan Koekkoek, Fair Trade customer, The Netherlands
Juliane Palm of El Puente, Germany
Katerina Maskova, Fair Trade shop coordinator, Czech Republic
Kusmanto, Fair Trade producer, Gangga Collection, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Laurentia Dhanio, WFTO staff member, Indonesia
Linda Chalmers of Oxfam, Australia
Marie Ibrahim, Totem Atilier, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Miyono, Fair Trade producer, Klaten, Indonesia
Steffen Skále, Fair Trade customer, Germany
Udus, Fair Trade producer, West Java, Indonesia
Umar Qoyim, Fair Trade producer, Central Java, Indonesia
Vi Cottrell of Trade Aid Importers, New Zealand
Warsa, Fair Trade producer, West Java, Indonesia
Wawan Darmawan, Fair Trade producer, Gita Aria, West Java, Indonesia
Zenen Santana Delgado of Traidcraft, United Kingdom
Zulfiqar Yahya, future Fair Trade producer, Indonesia

For complete these reasons please download or simply make a copy of your own,
print off the 35 reasons and start raising awareness of the benefits of Fair Trade!

Here are just a few ways you might use 35 Reasons:

  • Post it up in your workplace or home
  • Forward it to a friend or family member via email
  • Ask your local Fair Trade shop, café or business to post it up
  • Place a link to the 35 Reasons to Support Fair Trade page at www.pekerti.org on your Facebook, Twitter or Myspace page

The Pekerti team