Program For Developing Quality Of Batik Product As The Most Potential Product Of Bojonegoro And Market Accces Expantion In The National Level

As a follow-up of the project Market Access Expansion and Product Development in Bojonegoro   in 2018, Pekerti and Association for Community Empowerment (ACE), re-collaboration to continue the project by focus on strengthening women entrepreneurs in aspects including :

  1. Improving the quality of batik as a the most potential product of Bojonegoro through product development and coloring according to market tastes.
  2. Increase the selling power of batik products through development of batik products that are tailored to market needs.
  3. Develop and expand marketing networks at the local and national level for potential product of SMEs in Bojonegoro. Women entrepreneurs are expected to have the ability to improve product quality and being able to do quality control management.

In this stage, one of the Pekerti’s role is to conduct product development training of batik bag product that continued by trial order. Through this training skill of sixteen women artisans have new skill to make 10 new bag product designs with batik combination.

The products that resulted from training were marketed through bazaar, Pekerti’s online shop and Pekerti’s showroom. It’s aimed as market test to find out whether the developed product can be accepted by the market or not, as well as to get comments or input from consumers .

From the market test, the products produced can be accepted by the market, both the Bojonegoro  and Jakarta market. This is proved  by the sale of several bags within a period of 3 months.

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