Production Management and Quality Control Training

bersamaAs an Fair Trade organisation, Pekerti always tries to improve its stakeholders’ knowledges and skills. Training is one way Pekerti regularly does. In 2015 Pekerti held Quality Control training for producers in West Jawa, Yogyakarta and Central Jawa. The session was attended by group leaders, workers and subcontractors. In addition to production management and quality control, the producers also was trained to do safe packaging that meet the standard of good packaging to avoid from the risk of product damage.

Banner 03When asked about the training, the craftspeople said, “ During this time we usually manage everything by ourselves (one man/woman show). By this training we have knowledge how to delegate tasks to our members in accordance with the stages of the work. We also can count the time process for each sub activities of production so we could make job distribution be more orderly”.

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