Product Development Training

DSC_0135Pekerti’s turn over in last three years (2014, 2015 and until the mid semester of 2016) decreased significantly. The decreasing handicraft market has implications for many groups of artisans to close their businesses and change to other professions. One of the efforts in order to make the handicraft business activities survive is by regularly providing product development training. The training in this year focused to artisans in West Java.

perajin rotanFive groups of seven targeted producer groups were involved in this training activity. The training was led by Muhammad Yasir, the Pekerti’s designer. Producer was taught how to read sketches, mix colour, including trying new shapes and finishing techniques. The training still will be continued to the next producer group in Sumedang, West Java until the end of this year.

Through this training we learnt how to make new product designs of rattan basket and it enrich the rattan product to be more variation products such as   christmas accessories and stationary”, says Onay, the leader of the Rattan Mandiri Group from  Majalengka, West Java.

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