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DADANGProducer’s Profile : 
Dadang Komarudin, NUDIWA Group
From : Sukabumi ,West Java

Dadang Komarudin is wooden product producer who also as one of Pekerti Board Member.

He has begun to work on handicraft business since 1992, which is much earlier already know Pekerti in 1989. The main product of this Nudiwa group is Congklak or Dakon (Kalaha or Mancala, boardgame-Eng), a wooden traditional game and kitchen utensil.

0108-56-5000 TERPILIHLearning the skills to make Congklak from his parents in law, Dadang then develop Congklak in various forms to suit market tastes. Moreover, not only focus on producing Congklak, Dadang and his group are also developing new products such as cookware from wood, various kinds of photo frames, and also designed boxes.

In making Dakon, firstly select good quality of raw material (wood), then cut it into the size need. Making the halls and sanding it before finishing with non toxic paint or aqua wood finish.

“I have to be creative to design congklak, nowadays, so many design to make this wooden game interesting. Batik congklak, animal shape, and many other designs. We have to develop some new products.”

“I am proud to be producer of Dakon, I can help people who live around me with this business. It’s also as my contribution to save the cultural or traditional game. So in the future, my grand children still can play this game.” Dadang says.

“Most important thing, Pekerti focuses on the wellbeing of our member and communities. Hopefully Pekerti keep going to concern with producers and keep doing the social aspects and community development, especially for small producers” he says.

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