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Producer’s Profile :Rattan Mandiri  group,

From : Cirebon

Before the group was formed, Onay Karwita learned his skill from his cousin-in-law, Kardi, at.  Sumber Alam, the largest producer of rattan in Majalengka. After nine years as a worker, he felt that he need to be independent and have own business. Then in 1989 Onay built his owed business with the name  Rattan Mandiri (Mandiri means Independent).

Mandiri group began its activities as  subcontractorsof rattan factories. Then in 1990 they joined the ASPEC (Association of Cirebon Producer), one of associations that formed by Pekerti. In 1990 this group was directly assisted by Pekerti, after the association was not active for a while.

This group is one of Pekerti’s producers, its success is in rattan handicraft business, with 26 members.

“Pekerti provides product development, administration, costing, pricing and Fair Trade training for our group, and every 2 years I am invited to come to biannual meeting. “The most valuable training that I get is product development training from Pekerti. I learn new products that meet export market needs”, Onay says.

Rattan Mandiri came to fulfill the Fair Trade principles as a result of the experience Pak Onay had working with them in the past.

Pak Onay is interested in working more closely with Pekerti, because of the financial aspect that distinguishes it from other buyers.

“Pekerti gives 50 per cent down payment, which is different to some other companies, which sometimes postpone payment by three months or longer,” he says.

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