Pekerti welcomes Zenen Delgado from Traidcraft


Pekerti recently had the honor of receiving a visit from one of our buyers from Traidcraft, United Kingdom. Zenen Santana Delgado, Supplier Support Coordinator for Traidcraft visited Pekerti from 12 to 16 October. Mr Delgado visited Pekerti to conduct an assessment of Pekerti’s performance in implementing the principles of Fair Trade both within the organisation and in connection with its artisans.

Mr Delgado visited two crafters in Subang, West Java (Warsa and Aso) and one in Bali (I Made Sujana) to see the production process, evaluate the implementation of Fair Trade in the producers’ environments and take photographs of production. Pekerti organised for Mr Delgado to visit a tree-planting project in Kampoeng Pekerti, Cigudeg, West Java, 5000 square meters of which is sponsored by Traidcraft and known as the Traidcraft garden.


 From this assessment Traidcraft came to know what is currently being done well by Pekerti and the areas in which Pekerti can improve. Pekerti will use this assessment to increase its effectiveness in carrying out the Fair Trade principles and to create strategies to preserve Pekerti’s most successful efforts to date.

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