Pekerti welcomed CTM Altromercato for Fair Trade Assessment

Ctm altromercato's team and Pekerti's staff
Ctm altromercato's team and Pekerti's staff
Pekerti was honored to receive a visit from Pekerti’s buyer partner, CTM Altromercato, from Italy. CTM Altromercato project committee members Giorgio Dal Fiume and Riccardo Mercanti, and board member Vittorio Leproux, visited Pekerti for four days.

On 16-17 June 2010, the CTM Altromercato team was in the Pekerti office to discuss the extent to which Pekerti has applied the principles of Fair Trade within the organization. Good, transparent communication happened within two-days of discussion sessions. In the final discussion session CTM provided several critical points that they considered must be improved by Pekerti.

“Pekerti says thank you and we appreciate the visit from CTM. Hopefully it will improve our relationship in the future” said Pekerti Director Iwan.

“CTM appreciates the transparency, accountability and sustainability from Pekerti. Also, we are grateful for complete written documents. This reflects on Pekerti as a strong and transparent organization,” Mr Dal Fiume said of Pekerti at the end of the discussion session.

At Heru Firmansyah workshop, field trip
At Heru Firmansyah workshop, field trip
The next day, accompanied by Pekerti staff, the CTM Altromercato team visited one of Pekerti’s producers, Heru Firmansyah, in Sumedang, West Java. Here, producers produce wood products, and the CTM Altromercato team conducted assessments on earlier application of the Fair Trade principles. Various questions and suggestions were given to Heru, Pekerti’s SFTMS representative.

“We (CTM) suggested if you can, write up Pekerti’s specific criteria including the minimum age of 13 – 16 years, and the need to have permission from parents, and the strong preference for them to go to school before they are going to work. ”

In addition to artisans in Sumedang, CTM Altromercato visited Pekerti’s crafters in Yogyakarta with the same agenda in conducting a FT assessment. Mr Sutrisno, a silver producer from Kota Gede, Yogyakarta, had the honor of receiving a visit.

In the discussions with the CTM team, Mr Sutrisno revealed that he applied some of the FT principles long before he was familiar with Fair Trade, including giving staff a higher salary and making efforts to improve their skills. CTM Altromercato said promotion and monitoring of Fair Trade needs to be improved by Pekerti Jogyakarta and producers there.

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