Pekerti visits Tasikmalaya Earthquake Victims


On 5-6 September Pekerti staff visited victims of the 2 September earthquake near Tasikmalaya, West Java. Two staff members visited six districts in the regencies of Ciamis and Tasikmalaya to provide financial assistance, which will be distributed through the head of the local sub-district. Staff collected data about the number of casualties, wounded, and buildings damaged, as well as what aid is urgently needed by disaster victims. Results showed there are still many areas that have not been provided with aid, either from the Indonesian Government or surrounding communities. 

Tents and blankets are the current items needed most by residents because many are living in emergency tents in low temperatures. 

As many temporary housing programs have already been initiated in devastated areas, Pekerti plans to organise a long-term housing reconstruction program to aid victims.

If you are able to support the victims of the Tasikmalaya earthquake, please donate to Pekerti.

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