Pekerti Participated in WFTO ASIA Conference 2014

Korea 12After a few years absent, Pekerti again attended the WFTO Asia Conference, held this year in Seoul, South Korea. The conference was held from the 17th to the 19th of October and was attended by representatives of organizations from approximately 20 countries. There were three representatives from Indonesia, Pekerti, Mitra Bali and CD Bethesda. Pekerti was represented by our Director, Mochammad Ichwani. Many agenda items and materials were discussed during the conference including development of Fair Trade products, Fair Trade network building, fair prices and wages, advocacy, and WFTO Asia membership. The last day of conference was set aside for the Annual General Meeting (AGM) were members reviewed the report of the Board, the 2014-2018 strategic plan and the selection of the new administration.