Pekerti Celebrates June Handicraft Bazaar

bazarjun10Pekerti celebrated another successful handicraft bazaar at its Jakarta headquarters from 15-18 June.

The bazaar provided visitors with the opportunity to purchase high quality toys, homewares, fashion accessories, musical instruments, clothing and furniture, and benefit Pekerti’s rural producers in the process.

Customers were able to browse colourful batiks (traditional Indonesian pattern), hand-painted wind chimes, carved wooden candleholders and weaved pandanuse baskets priced up to US$30.
In particular candles and kitchen utensils sold well, as did toys and puzzles, which were marked down 25 per cent. The highest number of sales was made on day four of the bazaar.
bazaar hp 5
Products available were developed from designs based on market trends and catered to the skills and materials accessible to producers.

Producers whose products were on display are based in Cirebon, Sukabumi, Sumedang, Yogyakarta and Aceh.

Sales staff member Ukrumah Suda said the bazaar aimed to introduce local people to the concept of Fairtrade.

“We hope in future Indonesian people will be more aware of the choice they have to buy Fair Trade,” she said.

Proceeds from the bazaar went directly to producers or to Pekerti, to allow the organisation to continue its work. In this event Pekerti also distributed stickers and bookmarks as souvenirs and media to promote Fair Trade.

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