Pekerti Delivers Fair Trade Training in Subang

FT subang4
As a Fair Trade institution in Indonesia, Pekerti maintains a commitment to implement the principles outlined by the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO). One of the ways Pekerti upholds this promise is through training programs in the Fair Trade standards, for producers. This training was recently delivered to artisans in Subang, West Java.

On August 19 Pekerti conducted Fair Trade training in Warsa at Binong village, Subang. 18 producers of the three Pekerti producer groups in this area were present. The training was a success, with producers and Pekerti staff participating actively in each session with enthusiasm and motivation to understand and implement the Standards of Fair Trade.

This type of training not only provides producers with information regarding Fair Trade but also regarding Pekerti – who we are and what we do. This is especially necessary for new producers who are given a special introduction to the organisation. Through participatory methods and group discussions, Fair Trade material is submitted to the artisans so they can better understand ‘what is’ Fair Trade. In this training Pekerti focuses on four out of ten Fair Trade principles – capacity development, gender equality, working conditions and environmental principles.

Active involvement by artisans in this training is often because they consider the training useful to them, and would like to have a better understanding of the supply chain. It is also a good chance for producers to meet each other and build strong friendships.
Despite the training’s effectiveness Pekerti favours delivering it to the same producer groups on a continuous basis in order to reinforce the information learnt and promote permanent socialisation.

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