annual-meeting1Pekerti is a Fair Trade Organisation in Indonesia that very active in Promoting Fair Trade. In World Fair Trade Celebration 2009, with the theme “Fair Trade creates the right climate” Pekerti held three programs those are :

Pekerti’s Annual Meeting
First, annual meeting that was conducted on March 16th , 2009 in Yogyakarta, attended by head of foundation board, Pekerti’s staffs from Jakarta and Yogyakarta also the representatives of the producers from Yogyakarta, West Java, East Java and Bali.

As a part of our transparency to our producers and fellow WFTO members a once yearly meeting is held, purposely to improve harmonious relationships between Pekerti and producers and also as one of means to Fair Trade Principles Socialisation to producers. This activity also reflected that the relationship between Pekerti and producers is not only business commercial between buyer and supplier but it’s a familiarity relationship which they can share the experiences and solve problems together.

Fair Trade Product Bazaar
BAZAARThe second activity for celebrating World Fair Trade Day, Pekerti conducted Fair Trade socialization through bazaar of Fair Trade Products that conducted for 4 days in front of Pekerti’s Office . Bazaar was aimed to introduce Fair Trade Products to the local consumer and local Pekerti’s network in Jakarta. The Products that sold in the bazaar were all the products that usually export to Pekerti’s buyer abroad such as Frame, Yoyo, box, windchime, kitchen utensil, etc.
Environmental Campaign on WFTD celebration

WFTD'09-(1)-editThe third programs in World Fair Trade Celebration, Pekerti continue the campaign of environmental concern program through a pilot project of a 3000 plantation that launched since 2007. The pilot project 12,822 m2 of land is located in Bogor District that is about 120 km from Jakarta. The trees that planted in this activity are mahogany (Swietenia Mahagoni Jacq).
Pak-Imam-menanamThis celebration was attended by the Pekerti’ staff, the board of Pekerti, Public Work Department, producer representatives and also some communities in surrounding the land. Traidcraft, is one of Pekerti’s buyer who has taken a part in this activity by giving a donation to help Pekerti implement the conservation project. As a sign of our gratitude on the donations, we have made a special block with the name “TRAIDCRAFT Garden.”
Trade-Craft's-Garden(edit)To sustain this program, Pekerti still invite all partner openly to participate in this program through giving donation, idea or other useful things. From the donation collected, Pekerti has plan to expand the conservation land to other area.
This initiative is an effort of Pekerti in awareness of environment preservation especially to keep sustainability of wood material and scarce plants. Beside that this also as the forms of PEKERTI’s consistence in implementation of one of Fair Trade principles.

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