@sumijanWith a dream to become a silversmith as he believed it would help provide a steady income compared to other jobs, Sumijan (40) moved to Kota Gede, the silver centre to grow his knowledge and skills in producing silver filigree. To continue developing his skills, Sumijan then decided to work with other silver companies to learn more about silver production techniques such as how to make decorative accessories or products which include stone or beads.

sumijan2.After he felt having sufficient skills to make silver craft, Sumijan then tried to start up his own business in 1998. In 2001, due to limited capital his business was eventually closed and he worked again on a silver company in Kota Gede. In 2006, Sumijan again tried to rebuild his silver craft business, but then earthquake hit Yogyakarta on May 2006. In 2007, Sumijan became one of beneficiaries of economic recovery program that held by Pekerti in collaboration with GTZ Germany. Through this program Sumijan continue to supply variety silver product to Pekerti until now.

Sumijan felt many benefits that he gains to be Pekerti’s supplier. “Within a year Pekerti’s order can be 9 to 10 months, enough to cover their family needs.” Says sumijan gratefully. ” the workshop training from Pekerti is very usefulI, Ilearn how to develop product and new designs and if there is no order, we still create a sample product, so we never really idle.” He continued. Sumjjan believes that managing a silver craft business has been positive as it has helped to increase his experience, skills and prosperity. He says “it’s not satisfactory yet, but it is enough to support my family. It needs more effort to get better. My motivation now is my children”. His dream is to continue to develop the silver craft business and in time his children can then continue on with the business in future. “Is still very far away, my two children just four and 1.5 years old now” said Sumijan. He is very determined to work hard and not forget to pray.

9970-88-0026With competition in silver business, Sumijan still hope that his business move forward with increasing order and the more harmonious cooperative relationship with Pekerti . “I hope my business success so, I can help my neighbor in Wonosari, reduce unemployment there.” Says Sumijan is concerned for the many silver producer who change to other businesses and unemployed due to less orders. He employs two staff in his workshop and subcontracts out to around 20 others if there are orders.