musidBatik is one of the cultural heritage of Inodenesia recognized by UNESCO. There are so many batik motifs and patterns that exist in Indonesia which each region has its own characteristics and uniqueness. One of the centers of batik in Indonesia is Yogyakarta, a cultural city which has a special attraction for creative products such as crafts, art and other cultures. The creative hands from Yogyakarta also develop batik applications not only in fabric but also in wood for various products such as games, house ware, accessories, decorations and more.0234-20-3002a

One of the creative hand is Musidi (45). Men came from Krebet, Bantul, Yogyakarta has skill to apply batik products made from raw material of wood. Starting a business in 1995 with established “Sanggar Dewi Sri” which produce sculptures of animals, games like dakon, masks, shoes and other goods in the motifs of classical batik of Yogyakarta Sultanate; like motif of Truntum, gurda, parangrusak, parangbarong, kawung and others. After 8 years of doing business, Musidi met with Pekerti and initiate collaboration to date. At that time Musidi also began to recognize Fair Trade and the principles its was adopting

“I went into business as it is considered more promising greater benefits and opportunities are also greater. In addition, I can help the surrounding community’s economy also reduce unemployment in my neighborhood. “Answer Musidi when asked why choose handicraft business as a source of income for his family.

0234-20-3011With 20 staff who are paid weekly, Musidi continue to develop products that comply with the trend but do not forget the roots of traditional batik motifs typical of Yogyakarta. Product innovation and the motive are always developed to continue to compete with other crafters. “I made some products that are purely from my idea, but once I sell to local markets many of the trace my idea.” Said Musidi want to respond to the importance of doing product development. Currently Musidi already started using non-toxic paint on some product. “But the weather constraints sometimes make the product less good, because the color of batik will appear properly if exposed to sunlight. Not to mention if the weather is humid, often made of wood covered with mold. ” Revealed Musidi.

In a promotional campaign Musidi joint in exhibitions such as the Pekan Raya Jakarta (PRJ), TMII, and in Yogyakarta, in addition to serving orders from Yogyakarta, Jakarta and Bali. Musidi still expects market expansion as well as representative show room.