Nur Hayati

The desire to be independent was the main reason Nur Hayati (42) started her craft business. She firsted started out by selling other people’s crafts to help fund her school which lead to her establishing and building her business. Her business activities were slightly stalled when Mrs. Nur decided to work somewhere else, however her  strong interest  in the craft business led her to decide to return to her craft business.

Java Drum

Mrs Nur had several years of struggling with the craft business, providing her with exceptional experience and opportunities to learn about running a business.. After the birth of her third child, Putri Agung Megasari (Mega) was then used for her business name, Mega Indah, and she added Indah, which means beautiful, as she hoped a beautiful to all of her activities in the future. As Mrs Nur felt blessed by her daughter, she hoped the name would bring similar blessings to her business.

In 2003, Ms. Nur began working with Pekerti after  meeting with Pekerti’s staff to understand the organizations work. According to Ms. Nur the main attraction for working with Pekerti was that “Pekerti work with the Fair Trade system and have a payment system that is easy and on time. They also provide accident insurance for employees of craftsman.”0410-20-8000

Mega Indah’s hallmark products are traditional music instruments. These products are marketed to Yogyakarta, Lombok, Kalimantan and Jakarta. With her success Mrs. Nur has been able to expand to other types of businesses including souvenir and clothing shops in the tourist area of  Bung Karno grave in Blitar, East Java

The benefits of the business income has impacted not only Mrs. Nur’s family but has also had a positive economic impact on  her employees and suppliers  by helping to provide jobs. Today Mrs Nur employs 15 staff, 8 male and seven women, from different regions such as Malang, Madiun, Jember and Banyuwangi.