Catur Sunaryo

Though there are many handicraft products available globally, everyone needs a piece of art from Catur Sunaryo’s business Muncul Natural. catur

He works on a wood lathe to produce handicrafts such as candle holders, hanging decorations with batik motive and batik bowls.

When asked why he decided to call his business Muncul Natural he responded “I always wanted to create products that are undeniably natural, nature-based”.

Catur began his business in 2000, and has experienced many ups and downs. The worst was when the earthquake hit Yogyakarta in 2006. His business was impacted immediately because his house, where his business also run was destroyed by the earthquake. However, this disaster did not discourage Catur to continue trying and little by little he began to receive orders again and with rebuild his house.

mas catur 2.Catur began  supplying Pekerti with handicraft products in 2007. He has also actively involved in several training programs held by Pekerti including Fair Trade and partner meetings.

His hopes that in the future that “Pekerti continue to work closely with handicraft producers, including continuity of orders, support equipment needs and also skills training”.