New Director At Pekerti

Change-positionOn Apil 17th 2009, there was a changing position at Pekerti. Imam Pituduh, the director of Pekerti was replaced by Mochamad Ichwani, a man who involve in fair trade with Pekerti for almost twenty years. Furthermore, Imam Pituduh join the board members of Pekerti. Hopefully, through this position replacement, Pekerti can help the marginalized community, both through community development and business development maximally. To all Pekerti’s best friends, Pak Imam said thanks for all cooperation, friendly and sharing during this time and he apologies if he did any mistakes in the past. Even though, he was not a Director in Pekerti anymore, he will still be active in campaign Fair Trade and Social Entrepreneurship in both Indonesia and where ever his experiences and skills can be utilized.

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