Natural Disaster Update

The Eruption of Mount Merapi, Yogyakarta and Magelang (Central Java)

Stepping on the third week after the first eruption, until this Thursday (11/11) Mount Merapi still continue to spew heat clouds
and ash that accompanied by volcanic material, blown up to  a height of 700 meters (
Based on data from, until Monday (8/11) there are 721 houses destroyed or damage ; seriously damaged: 517 houses; minor  houses: 204 houses. In addition, other damage that is recorded is 5 elementary, one junior, 6 and 7 official houses of worship facilities.
[imagebrowser id=6]National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) still could not record the data of total physical damage such as home in detail. This is because the uncertain conditions of trim that still gives a lot of concern to all staff and volunteers.
Meanwhile the data recapitulation of Merapi from National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) said that until 7 November 2010, 18.00 pm, the recorded death reached 135 people and 411 people inpatient, spread in Sleman, Klaten, Magelang. BNPB also said that most victims are still living at refugee camps as much as 289.613 people and spread in Sleman are 65.363 people, in Klaten are 58.482 people, in Boyolali are 60.643 and Magelang are 105.125 people.
Pekerti’s staff in Yogyakarta reported that there is a Pekerti’s producer group who affected by Merapi eruption, Emi Collection (wooden product’s producer) who lives in  Ngemplak about 15km from Merapi. They have to evacuate to the Maguwoharjo Stadium.
Another producer who potential to be affected by the Merapi is Kusmanto and family, the leader of Gangga Collection. They live also near by Code river that the water level is approaching the limit lips dikes around 20cm, so any time it rains, can lead to flooding because he lives around 10m from Code river. Now he needs shelf to put his craft materials.

Earthquake and Tsunami in the Mentawai Islands, West Sumatra.

[imagebrowser id=7]The update news about Earthquake and Tsunami in Mentawai that we got from, until 8th November 2010, there were 447 people died, 56 people missing, 173 were seriously injured and 325 slightly injured. Realizing the damage caused by a severe earthquake and Tsunami in Mentawai, and also volcano in Yogyakarta, Pekerti distributed donation for first aid to the both disaster areas. The donation for volcano’s victims was done by Pekerti staff directly, as Pekerti have a branch in Yogyakarta. They visited to more than 5 refugee’s camps of Merapi’s survivors and gave our donation to the cocoordinator
of refugee’s camps to be distributed to the survivors. However, the donation for survivors of Tsunami in Mentawai was  entrusted to our partner named Citra Mandiri Mentawai Foundation, an NGO who works in Mentawai islands since 1995.

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