Mentoring Program for Women Entrepreneur in Slum Area, Jakarta

As a follow up of social entrepreneurship training to women enterpreneur group in Jakarta, Pekerti continued with the assistance to the trainees through mentoring process. This mentoring was aimed to make the training material can be implemented in participant’s businesses. In addition to motivating the participants groups to continue to grow and be creative in developing their business to reached what they dreamed of in previous training.

Through this mentoring process the women group is taught to remain consistent on the business they are really interested in and how to make the business grow. In this facilitation session the participants were also taught how to utilize technology as a means of promotion. They are taught to make Facebook Fans Page as well as an Instagram for their business and how to maximize these two media for promotion their products.

With this assistance the participants become more enthusiastic to promote their business through social media that they easily access from mobile phones. With the existing spirit is expected they can reach a wider market and more profit.

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