Internship Program for Students

TANIAPekerti’s Internships Program provide students personal real world insights and exposures to actual working life, an experiential and foundation to their career choices,. The students usually complete their internship at Pekerti for 2-3 months.

At the end of year 2015 we had an internship student, Tania Ade,  from graphic preparation major of Vocational School. She was internship on product development division to learn on  how the product development team work to help the producers with a new design. Nia learnt how to design some products such as hanging products, book end, hand phone holder, self and decoration.

“I’m happy to get opportunity to have internship at Pekerti. During three months at Pekerti I got new knowledge to design a product, learnt Fair Trade and have a new family and friends”, says Nia.NIKO NEWS

In early 2016 Nikoe Yoda, the college student of Bogor Agriculture University, majoring in accounting, also had internship at finance department of Pekerti. “I learn many things, not only finance system but also about export. I’m very impressed to have internship at Pekerti, all people here are very friendly and I get direct experience of how the real world of work”, says Nikoe.

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