Handicraft Bazaar to promote Fair Trade

After the success of the first handicraft bazaar in July 2009, Pekerti repeated its success at the beginning of February 2010. Over 9-12 February Pekerti held a craft bazaar at its office in Rawamangun. The bazaar was open to the public from 9am to 3:30pm each day.

Various handicraft products such as rattan baskets, musical instruments, drums, candleholders, wooden boxes, wind chimes and bags were sold. Visitors old and new showed enthusiasm about the products and about buying Fair Trade.

Pekerti hopes that with more and more visitors attending regular craft bazaars, awareness of Fair Trade will be raised. All of our artisans apply the Fair Trade principles, so in addition to increasing the revenues of producers, Pekerti is able to promote Fair Trade in the public arena.

Handicraft bazaar

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