Fire accident exterminates 4000 pieces of frog wind chime products

I Made Sujana
I Made Sujana

Purchasing staff member Marno received bad news on the morning of May 30 from I Made Sujana, Pekerti’s artisan based on Bali.

“We have experienced a severe accident Pak, our oven caught fire,” said Sujana. There were about 4000 raw products of frog wind chimes which were already painted, burned in the oven in a fire on May 27, 21:30 pm. Thankfully no one was injured, but Sujana suffered losses estimated at 4.8 million rupiah. These frog wind chimes were part of an order from Pekerti’s buyer, EZA Fairer Handel Gmbh from Austria. The accident will cause the order to be delayed by 20 days.

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“There might have been bits of wood burning in the oven already, which caught fire to the products. None of the products could be saved,” said Sujana

“We have been very be careful, but the accident still happened, so we have to be even more careful next time.”

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“This is the will of God and hopefully we can take positive lessons from this incident,” Sujana said, trying to think positively about the disaster that happened.

This incident is unfortunate but all of us including Pekerti and our craftspeople, not only Sujana, can learn from what happened and try to correct the mistakes to get better.

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