EZA Austria visits Pekerti

Andrea in Yogya

From 12 to 14 January Pekerti received a visit from Ms Andrea Stehrer of EZA Austria. During her visit Ms Stehrer observed production processes in the field in Sumedang, West Java and Yogyakarta.

 The visit was initiated at Pekerti’s Jakarta office, with the sharing of information regarding each organization. Ms Stehrer happily reported EZA’s sales for the year 2009 were stable during the unpredictable economic climate. Safety regulations given by European countries formed part of an interesting discussion during the meeting, which provided both parties with an understanding of each other’s priorities in engaging in Fair Trade. Several of Pekerti’s staff members were able to interact with Ms Stehrer as she selected a number of products made available by the marketing department.  


On her second day in Indonesia Pak Ichwani, Ukrumah and Marno joined Ms Stehrer on her visit to Yogyakarta. On their way, a visit was made to Pekerti’s producer Heru Firmansyah in Sumedang, West Java. At Heru’s house Andrea saw first hand the process of craft production for products which been ordered by EZA in the past, so as to obtain information that could be used to promote the products. The visit also provided Ms Stehrer with information for product development purposes.

Andrea with LasmiIn Yogyakarta Ms Stehrer visited producers who are also EZA’s product suppliers. Sutris, or silver producers, were one type of producer visited by Ms Stehrer. Silversmiths based in Kotagede have been commissioned to produce silver filigree designs for sales by EZA. Therefore, while there, Ms Stehrer took an active interest in the filigree process.

Ms Stehrer put aside time to call on wooden jewellery producers Liya Craft, recycled paper producer, Harso and wood batik craftsmen, Lasmi and Samudi. EZA was fundamental in reviving Lasmi and Samudi’s business after the 2006 Yogyakarta earthquake, after placing orders for their unique bags. Ms Stehrer selected a number of samples here, which she considered for order. Upon completion of her visits, Ms Stehrer stopped off at Pekerti’s Yogya office to meet staff at Pekerti Shop and show selected designs to designers there.

A big thank you to EZA and to Ms Stehrer for taking the time to meet some of our staff and producers!

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