Earthquake Update

  On Wednesday 2 September at 14:55 PM local time a 7.3 magnitude earthquake shocked West Java. Seven days after the earthquake, disaster response activities are being carried out and the government has held an evacuation with the help of the community. At the time of reporting, 80 people from 8 districts have been declared […]

West Java Devastated by Earthquake

At 2:55 PM local time on Wednesday 2 September, an earthquake with a 7.3 magnitude shook the area 142 km southwest Tasikmalaya, West Java. The tremor was felt 380km from Tasikmalaya in Jakarta, and as far as Bali and Sumatra. Based on data from the National Disaster Management Agency (BPNP), as of Friday 4 September […]

Barbara Brower, Herman and Yvonne Meijer Visit Pekerti

Pekerti recently had the pleasure of hosting a visit by Barbara Brower, one of our founding initiators. Ms Brower came with two volunteers from Holland, Herman and Yvonne Meijer. Mr Meijer is Senior Project Manager City of the City Support Program, a program which assists local governments in Naggroe Aceh Darussalam to recover, re-organize and re-structure parts of Aceh province after its […]

Pekerti Delivers Fair Trade Training in Subang

As a Fair Trade institution in Indonesia, Pekerti maintains a commitment to implement the principles outlined by the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO). One of the ways Pekerti upholds this promise is through training programs in the Fair Trade standards, for producers. This training was recently delivered to artisans in Subang, West Java.

Pekerti Celebrates its 34th Birthday

  On 14 August Pekerti commemorated 34 years of dedication to the development of traditional handicrafts in Indonesia. A simple celebration was held, which all staff attended. Director Pak Ichwani gave an uplifting speech in which he stated in looking ahead, he hoped Pekerti could further develop in fulfilling our Vision and Mission and that […]

Pekerti Welcomes Marilyn Price of Ten Thousands Villages Canada

On 1 August Pekerti Foundation was honored to welcome Marilyn Price from buyer Ten Thousand Villages Canada, an organisation which has cooperated with Pekerti for more than 20 years. Ten Thousand Villages Canada, which has been in force since 1968, sent Ms Price to work with Pekerti in Product Development and to discuss business plans.

Handicraft Bazaar @Pekerti

Other programs conducted by Pekerti to promote the Fair Trade to the community by hold a craft bazaar. Craft bazaar was hold in July for three days from 28-31 July 2009. The Bazaar was conducted in front of the Pekerti office in Jakarta. The target customer of this bazaar is the communities around the Pekerti […]


Pekerti is a Fair Trade Organisation in Indonesia that very active in Promoting Fair Trade. In World Fair Trade Celebration 2009, with the theme “Fair Trade creates the right climate” Pekerti held three programs those are : Pekerti’s Annual Meeting First, annual meeting that was conducted on March 16th , 2009 in Yogyakarta, attended by […]

New Director At Pekerti

On Apil 17th 2009, there was a changing position at Pekerti. Imam Pituduh, the director of Pekerti was replaced by Mochamad Ichwani, a man who involve in fair trade with Pekerti for almost twenty years. Furthermore, Imam Pituduh join the board members of Pekerti. Hopefully, through this position replacement, Pekerti can help the marginalized community, […]

A World Fair Trade Day and Annual Meeting 2008 Report

Pekerti’ World Fair Trade Day 2008 Celebration As a Fair Trade organization Pekerti was never absent in celebrating the world Fair Trade day. In year 2008, with the theme of “bersama Fair Trade kita selamatkan bumi (with Fair Trade we save our world)” Pekerti celebrated world Fair Trade Day by holding a tree plantation activity […]