Pekerti Celebrated Its 42th Anniversary

Pekerti celebrates its 42nd anniversary by having a team lunch together, with all Pekerti’s staff. We all hope that Pekerti would continue being a voice for the artisans all around Indonesia to get better quality of life through Fair Trade

Training for Women Artisan Group in Jakarta

As one of the concrete activities Pekerti creates for women empowerment is by continuing to provide a training series to the women artisan groups who live in Pekerti’s surrounding  warehouses. They were trained to make packaging boxes covered by batik paper printing. The training was led by Pekerti’s warehouse staff. The boxes are usually needed […]

Social Enterpreneuship Training

Pekerti supported by Jasa Raharja PT, the government insurance company, held social entrepreneurship training that participated by  women artisan group and Pekerti’s staffs.  The training provide knowledge about social entrepreneurship and motivate them to develop their own business. For Pekerti’s staff, the training is to improve the ability to assist and motivate artisan groups to […]

Producer’s Corner

Producer’s Profile :Rattan Mandiri  group, From : Cirebon Before the group was formed, Onay Karwita learned his skill from his cousin-in-law, Kardi, at.  Sumber Alam, the largest producer of rattan in Majalengka. After nine years as a worker, he felt that he need to be independent and have own business. Then in 1989 Onay built […]

New Logo for Carisouvenir

Carisouvenir is one of Pekerti’s online shop which provides a variety of handicraft products for local market. After 4 years established, Carisouvenir (means finding souvenirs) reviewed its logo by branding clinic that led by Pink Publicist. The new logo was designed simpler and represent that Carisouvenir is the online shop that provide environment friendly products. […]

Trial Order for Women Artisan Group in Jakarta

In the previous project, women’s groups who live in surrounding Pekerti’s warehouse have been trained to make accessories products.  The project was continued by providing trial order to measure the capacity of the artisan in making the products according to product quality standards (quality, size, tidiness, etc.). This activity is an important stage because it […]

Handicraft Development in Bojonegoro, East Java

In collaboration with Association for Community Empowerment (ACE), Pekerti to conduct handicraft development project in Bojonegoro, East Java. Handicraft business is one of alternative local potential to become source of income for local community in surrounding oil and gas exploration area in Bojonegoro. This project was started by a mapping survey for marketing and product […]

Presentation Training

Presenting information clearly and effectively is a key skill to get our message or opinion, presentation skills are required in almost every field. Considering that Presentations skills are very useful in many aspects of work especially in business, sales and selling, training, and networking, then Pekerti send its staffs (Nur and Heri) to professional training […]

An Honour Visit from SERRV International

We were delighted by a visit from Marketing Promotion Manager of SERRV International, Sara Swartzendruber. SERRV International  is one of our loyal FairTrade buyer from USA and Pekerti has been working with SERRV for more than 30 years. Sara’s visit is to know more stories about the silver plated filigree artisans. During her visit in […]

Biannual Meeting and World Fair Trade Celebration

As with years before, Pekerti again held a biannual producer’s meeting  to coincide with World Fair Trade Day. The biannual meeting has objectives to improve harmonious relationships between Pekerti and producer partners. This year the biannual meeting was held in the first week of May 2017 in Yogyakarta. The meeting was attended by Pekerti’s staff […]

Progress of “One three for USD 1500 Sales” Program

One of the forms of PEKERTI’s concerns to the environment and as an implementation of one of Fair Trade principles, Since 2007 PEKERTI launches a tree planting program through “a tree for US$ 1,500 turnover of handicraft sales”. In the 10th year’s program, the total trees that planted are 2,086.Realizing that the most of 60 […]

Producer’s Corner

Producer’s Profile : Akarya Mandiri  group, From : Yogyakarta Akarya Mandiri group was founded in the late 1995 by  Darwati (60). Akarya Mandiri group make products from natural materials such as, vetiver, water hyacinth, palm leaf rib, banana leaf, mendhong etc. as the main material in her handcraft products. Places of production which also used […]

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What is in  the News : New Logo for Carisouvenir Trial Order for Women Artisans Group in Jakarta Handicraft Development in Bojonegoro, East Java Presentation Training An Honor Visit from SERVV International Biannual Meeting and World Fair Trade Celebration Progress of “One tree for USD 1500 Sales” Program Producer’s Corner

Batik Day Celebration

As one of the most valuable parts of Indonesia’s cultural heritage, batik is celebrated every year, on 2 October. Batik is one of the most valuable parts of Indonesia’s cultural heritage and an important contribution to global art. Since UNESCO recognized Indonesian batik as a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity in 2009, […]

Fair Trade Handicraft Bazaar

Pekerti celebrated another successful handicraft bazaar at its Jakarta head quarters from 02 to 08 November 2016. The Bazaar provided visitors with the opportunity to purchase high quality handicraft products.  Customers were able to browse colourful batiks (traditional Indonesian pattern), beautiful ceramics, boxes, hand-painted windchimes, carved wooden candleholders, weaved rattan, toys, homewares, fashion, accessories, musical […]

Sharing on Business Development Services (BDS)

In the early November, Pekerti was invited by Center Management Consultant to be guest speaker in the training of Strengthening Business Development Center. Pekerti was represented by Nur Aenah and Ukrumah Suda, Nur and Ukrumah shared about Pekertis’experiences in business development and empowering small and micro enterprise (SMEs) through business development service approach and fair […]

An Honoured Visit from YSEALI Alumni & The CEO of Global Chambers

We were honored to get a visit from Young South East Asia – Professional Fellowship Program (YSEALI – PFP) alumni (Nia Febrianti and her supervisor, the CEO of Global Chambers, Doug Bruhnke. The Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) is U.S. government’s signature program to strengthen leadership development and networking in Southeast Asia.  Global chamber is […]

Producer’s Corner

When I Made Sujana decided to create a handicraft production group to aid his neighbors during a time of economic struggle, he decided it needed a name that would give it the best possible chance of success. He considered Bala Putera Dewa to be well suited. Representing a strong and powerful Hindu God, Bala Putera […]