International Womens Day 2021

As a mother, the best education for her child is her priority in life. And in order to meet that need, he will be willing to do as best as possible.This thought underlies Yolita to work at the Pekerti Foundation, which she has been there for up to 14 years.Over time there are many things […]

Fair Trade Breaks Poverty

1 October 2015 (Culemborg) – Fair Trade breaks the chain of poverty. Fair traders around the world, together with small producers and backed by consumers, are breaking the chains of poverty.  Fair Trade is growing and that is our proof that we are gaining our fight against extreme poverty. The WFTO membership count doubled from […]

Batik Day

Today, 2nd October knows as National Batik day… The word batik is Javanese in origin. It may either come from the Javanese word amba (‘to write’) and titik (‘dot’), or may derive from a hypothetical Proto-Austronesian root *beCík (‘to tattoo’). The word is first recorded in English in the Encyclopædia Britannica of 1880, in which […]

Pekerti Foundation 40 Years Anniversary

Today, Pekerti Foundation as an Indonesian Fair Trade,  Celebrating 40 years, 11 August 1975 – 2015, of achieving Fair Trade, Justice & Prosperity for producer. Here a brief history about Pekerti Foundation. Yayasan PEKERTI is short for Pengembangan Kerajinan Rakyat Indonesia or Indonesian People’s Folk Art and Handicraft Foundation. We are a social development organisation […]

Andrew, a year with Pekerti

Time keeps running, it was one-year since AVI’s volunteer has worked for Pekerti, Andrew Fleming, the AVI’s volunteer should return to his country, Australia. Many results have been given by Andrew, during his voluntary in Pekerti, especially built a website for marketing Indonesian handicraft to domestic market. With this website, when visitors are interested in […]

Build Public Toilet Facilities in Subang

As the first Fair Trade member in Indonesia, the ethos of Pekerti in its daily practices refers to the 10 Fair Trade principles. The value of Fair Trade is implemented in a variety of activities, one of which is related to sustainability and environmental concerns. One of Pekerti’s activities related to the environment is providing […]

Build Networking With Jakarta Japan Network (J2Net)

Networking is one of the most important strategies for Pekerti to expand market access and promote Fair Trade in Indonesia. Facilitated by Hiroshi, the volunteer from CROSS FIELD, Pekerti had the opportunity to visit Jakarta-Japan Network (J2Net), an organization consisting of Japanese people who live in Indonesia. J2Net has a mission to help disadvantaged children […]

The Volunteer from Cross Field Japan Help to Develop Sales Channel in Japanese Market

CROSS FIELDS is a Japanese organization with an international volunteering program, and in 2015 Pekerti began working with our second volunteer from Japan. The CROSS FIELDS program provides young professionals the opportunity to use their expertise in addressing social challenges that exist in society. Indonesia is one of the countries targeted by this program. Our […]

World Fair Trade 2014

    Fair Trade consumers and producers are the drivers of the growing Fair Trade industry.   Fair Trade producers and the people buying their products are the real drivers of the growth of Fair Trade. Backed by promoters, advocates and hundreds of thousands of volunteers all over the globe, Fair Trade has become the […]

Antara VPA dan SVLK

1.      Apakah VPA VPA (Voluntary Partnership Agreement) adalah Kesepakatan bilateral yang mengatur perdagangan kayu ke negara Uni Eropa yang berasal dari negara produsen kayu, yang meliputi; Standar Legalitas berdasarkan hukum nasional Sistem Verifikasi Legalitas Kayu Kelembagaan Tujuan VPA •     Mengurangi ekspor kayu ilegal dari negara produsen ke negara negara Uni Eropa•     Kepentingan Uni Eropa: Bagian dari komitmen […]

Kesepakatan Uni Eropa-Indonesia tentang perdagangan kayu ilegal

Indonesia dan Uni Eropa telah merampungkan kesepakatan yang bertujuan mengakhiri perdagangan kayu dari sumber ilegal. BBC Indonesia – Kesepakatan, yang ditandatangani di Jakarta itu dinamai Kesepakatan Kemitraan Sukarela (VPA). Berdasarkan kesepakatan ini, perusahaan-perusahaan Uni Eropa hanya akan boleh mengimpor kayu yang memiliki sertifikat kepatuhan terhadap undang-undang lingkungan yang berlaku di Indonesia. Produk kayu dan kayu mentah […]

Makalah tentang kapas, kain katun, dan WTO

Dipersiapkan untuk pertemuan tingkat menteri WTO ke 8 di Geneva, Desember 2011 Kapas adalah industri global, yang menjadi subyek untuk kepentingan pelaku politik dan ekonomi yang kuat. Kapas tumbuh di lebih dari 90 negara dan diproses di lebih dari 160 negarai Perkembangan kapas Kapas dan kapas tekstil penting bagi negara-negara berkembang. Kapas adalah produk ekspor […]

GWIM Site Visit

In early October 19th, CEDPA, an international NGO conduct workshop called Global Woman in Management. One of agenda is site visit to local community development organization. Pekerti had the honor to be visited by CEDPA. The purposes of site visit are: To promote networking and information sharing. To show case how workshop session apply  to […]

Participated in Trade Expo Indonesia

In the middle of October Pekerti participated in Trade Expo Indonesia. The 25th Trade Expo Indonesia was held from 13 – 17 October 2010 in Kemayoran Jakarta. Its special moment, because Pekerti showed products from Padang Pariaman. Padang pariaman is the place that hit by earth quake in September last year. In cooperation with JICA-Indonesia, […]

Natural Disaster Update

The Eruption of Mount Merapi, Yogyakarta and Magelang (Central Java) Stepping on the third week after the first eruption, until this Thursday (11/11) Mount Merapi still continue to spew heat clouds and ash that accompanied by volcanic material, blown up to  a height of 700 meters (


Indonesia was shocked again by disasters. During October Indonesia was hit by three disasters in Three areas; flood disaster in Wasior (West Papua), earthquake and tsunami in Mentawai Island (West Sumatra)  and  eruption of Mount Merapi in Yogyakarta and Magelang (Central Java). Flood Wasior, West Papua A Flash flood swept to Wasior City , West […]

35 Reasons to Support Fair Trade

These are the 35 Reasons why people support Fair Trade : 1.   To ensure producers receive an adequate price 2.   To provide producers with meaningful work 3.   To encourage workers to develop their skills 4.   To put people before profit! 5.   To invite non Fair Trade craftspeople to participate 6.   To protect children, not employ […]

Pekerti Celebrates 35 Years Making Trade Fair for Indonesians

This August Indonesia’s oldest Fair Trade organisation, Pekerti Foundation, celebrates its 35th anniversary working with Indonesian people to alleviate poverty. Having been founded in 1975, Pekerti Foundation began with a view to helping Indonesia’s rural population live more sustainable lives in the wake of industrialisation. Since then the organisation has worked with over 30 Indonesian […]

Pekerti Foundation appears in Jakarta Globe

Pekerti Foundation has appeared in the Jakarta Globe, in a discussion about the effectiveness of using handicraft development to alleviate poverty. “Indonesia may be an independent country, but many of its people are still bound by shackles of extreme poverty. According to the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), around 31 million rural Indonesians are living below […]

Handicraft Bazaar to Give Rural Producers a Helping Hand

14 June 2010 – Pekerti will hold a handicraft bazaar at its Jakarta office from tomorrow until Thursday. The bazaar will give Indonesian consumers a rare chance to buy Fairtrade. Proceeds from the bazaar will go to Pekerti to allow it to continue its work supporting rural Fairtrade handicraft producers through marketing and training.

A Big Day for the Planet

World Fair Trade Day is a worldwide celebration of Fair Trade, initiative of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) supported by thousands of citizens, Fair Trade Organizations, social and environmental movements, local authorities, national governments, multilateral institutions, producers and consumers all around the planet. It is expected that several thousands people from more than 50 […]

Pekerti meets Oxfam Australia in Yogyakarta

Nele Schmidt of Product Development at Oxfam Shop Australia visited some of Oxfam’s partners in Yogyakarta on 14-19 January. One of them was Pekerti, whose staff had the opportunity to meet and join her on her visit to Pekerti’s producers in Yogyakarta on 15 January.

EZA Austria visits Pekerti

From 12 to 14 January Pekerti received a visit from Ms Andrea Stehrer of EZA Austria. During her visit Ms Stehrer observed production processes in the field in Sumedang, West Java and Yogyakarta.  The visit was initiated at Pekerti’s Jakarta office, with the sharing of information regarding each organization. Ms Stehrer happily reported EZA’s sales […]

Handicraft Bazaar

Murah, bagus untuk dekorasi rumah anda. Alat Rumah tangga: keranjang, frame Mainan anak: puzel dsb Baju, celana, rok batik Interior: tempat lilin Asesoris; tas, tenun ikat 9-12 February 2010 (jam 9.00-15.00) Di Kantor Yayasan Pekerti: Jl. Waru No 21A Rawamangun, Telp. 021-478 63 008

Pekerti welcomes Zenen Delgado from Traidcraft

Pekerti recently had the honor of receiving a visit from one of our buyers from Traidcraft, United Kingdom. Zenen Santana Delgado, Supplier Support Coordinator for Traidcraft visited Pekerti from 12 to 16 October. Mr Delgado visited Pekerti to conduct an assessment of Pekerti’s performance in implementing the principles of Fair Trade both within the organisation and […]

Emergency response in West Sumatera continues

As of Friday 16 October, 7.6 magnitude earthquakes that shook the West Sumatera region in September had led to a record 1,117 deaths. The largest number of victims was found in Padang Pariaman (675 people) followed by the city of Padang (313 people), Agam District (80 people) and the City Pariaman (32 people).

7.6 Magnitude Earthquake hits Padang, West Sumatera

On Wednesday 30 September at 5:16 PM local time, an earthquake measuring 7.6 on the Richter scale devastated Sumatera. The earthquake centered in Southwest Pariaman and is said to have been more destructive than Yogyakarta’s 2006 disaster. Tremors could be felt in Malaysia and Singapore as the earthquake caused the collapse of more than 500 […]

Earthquake Update

  On Wednesday 2 September at 14:55 PM local time a 7.3 magnitude earthquake shocked West Java. Seven days after the earthquake, disaster response activities are being carried out and the government has held an evacuation with the help of the community. At the time of reporting, 80 people from 8 districts have been declared […]

West Java Devastated by Earthquake

At 2:55 PM local time on Wednesday 2 September, an earthquake with a 7.3 magnitude shook the area 142 km southwest Tasikmalaya, West Java. The tremor was felt 380km from Tasikmalaya in Jakarta, and as far as Bali and Sumatra. Based on data from the National Disaster Management Agency (BPNP), as of Friday 4 September […]

Barbara Brower, Herman and Yvonne Meijer Visit Pekerti

Pekerti recently had the pleasure of hosting a visit by Barbara Brower, one of our founding initiators. Ms Brower came with two volunteers from Holland, Herman and Yvonne Meijer. Mr Meijer is Senior Project Manager City of the City Support Program, a program which assists local governments in Naggroe Aceh Darussalam to recover, re-organize and re-structure parts of Aceh province after its […]

Pekerti Delivers Fair Trade Training in Subang

As a Fair Trade institution in Indonesia, Pekerti maintains a commitment to implement the principles outlined by the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO). One of the ways Pekerti upholds this promise is through training programs in the Fair Trade standards, for producers. This training was recently delivered to artisans in Subang, West Java.

Pekerti Celebrates its 34th Birthday

  On 14 August Pekerti commemorated 34 years of dedication to the development of traditional handicrafts in Indonesia. A simple celebration was held, which all staff attended. Director Pak Ichwani gave an uplifting speech in which he stated in looking ahead, he hoped Pekerti could further develop in fulfilling our Vision and Mission and that […]

Pekerti Welcomes Marilyn Price of Ten Thousands Villages Canada

On 1 August Pekerti Foundation was honored to welcome Marilyn Price from buyer Ten Thousand Villages Canada, an organisation which has cooperated with Pekerti for more than 20 years. Ten Thousand Villages Canada, which has been in force since 1968, sent Ms Price to work with Pekerti in Product Development and to discuss business plans.

Handicraft Bazaar @Pekerti

Other programs conducted by Pekerti to promote the Fair Trade to the community by hold a craft bazaar. Craft bazaar was hold in July for three days from 28-31 July 2009. The Bazaar was conducted in front of the Pekerti office in Jakarta. The target customer of this bazaar is the communities around the Pekerti […]


Pekerti is a Fair Trade Organisation in Indonesia that very active in Promoting Fair Trade. In World Fair Trade Celebration 2009, with the theme “Fair Trade creates the right climate” Pekerti held three programs those are : Pekerti’s Annual Meeting First, annual meeting that was conducted on March 16th , 2009 in Yogyakarta, attended by […]

New Director At Pekerti

On Apil 17th 2009, there was a changing position at Pekerti. Imam Pituduh, the director of Pekerti was replaced by Mochamad Ichwani, a man who involve in fair trade with Pekerti for almost twenty years. Furthermore, Imam Pituduh join the board members of Pekerti. Hopefully, through this position replacement, Pekerti can help the marginalized community, […]

A World Fair Trade Day and Annual Meeting 2008 Report

Pekerti’ World Fair Trade Day 2008 Celebration As a Fair Trade organization Pekerti was never absent in celebrating the world Fair Trade day. In year 2008, with the theme of “bersama Fair Trade kita selamatkan bumi (with Fair Trade we save our world)” Pekerti celebrated world Fair Trade Day by holding a tree plantation activity […]