COVID-19 Update from Pekerti

The global pandemic of the corona virus, known Covid-19, has spread throughout the world, and poses a threat to all countries. We are in Indonesia also affected by the pandemic, and it has spread 34 provinces, the highest case distribution area of the corona virus pandemic is in Jakarta province where the Pekerti office located

Pekerti  as at other organizations or companies, we’re focused on the health and safety of our employees, families and communities. In the third week of March Pekerti took decision to close our office since 23th March to 5th April 2020 and back to work on 6th April 2020. But the Jakarta local government urges all companies to extend their work from home. Referring to local government policy, Pekerti decided to extend to close our office until the local government announced new policy.  Most of us work from home for almost three months, meanwhile for warehouse staffs they still have to come to work at warehouse to do control quality of products from producers and organize shipment process to our buyers.

Since Jakarta local government announced transition phase in June 4, 2020, Pekerti decided to return to work office-based since Friday, June 5, 2020.

This pandemic issue also impacts on some our artisans especially who not get order. They lost their income as they could not get alternative job due to the lockdown effect. Some of them contacted Pekerti’s staff to ask for orders, but we could not help them as Pekerti its self has limited order from our buyers (importers), whereas for local market, our turnover decline significantly as impact of the lockdown policy from our government and at the same time Pekert office was not active for almost three months (we were work from home). However with our limited budget, we have distributed small money for our artisans to provide basic need for them that it may help them in the short term.

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