Survey Mapping of Potential Handicraft Recycle Product Businesses

Jakarta as the nation’s capital and center of government which is oriented to public services, with development in multi sectors, it must be held with principle of sustainable development and environmental friendly. The activity of strengthening businesses and product development for environmental friendly recycle products is one of the concrete steps of the Jakarta Government […]

Program For Developing Quality Of Batik Product As The Most Potential Product Of Bojonegoro And Market Accces Expantion In The National Level

As a follow-up of the project Market Access Expansion and Product Development in Bojonegoro   in 2018, Pekerti and Association for Community Empowerment (ACE), re-collaboration to continue the project by focus on strengthening women entrepreneurs in aspects including : Improving the quality of batik as a the most potential product of Bojonegoro through product development and […]

Mentoring Program for Women Entrepreneur in Slum Area, Jakarta

As a follow up of social entrepreneurship training to women enterpreneur group in Jakarta, Pekerti continued with the assistance to the trainees through mentoring process. This mentoring was aimed to make the training material can be implemented in participant’s businesses. In addition to motivating the participants groups to continue to grow and be creative in […]

Social Entrepreneurship Training

Pekerti supported by Jasa Raharja PT, the government insurance company, held social entrepreneurship training that participated by  women artisan group and Pekerti’s staffs.  The training provide knowledge about social entrepreneurship and motivate them to develop their own business. For Pekerti’s staff, the training is to improve the ability to assist and motivate artisan groups to […]

Skill Enhancement Program Through Product Development Training in Bojonegoro, East Java

After the first product development training program was conducted in 2017, In collaboration with Association for Community Empowerment (ACE), Pekerti implemented an advanced product development  program. This program aims to improve the skills of previous trainees. This training need to be done based on the results of quality checked of the trial order given after […]

Handicraft Development in Bojonegoro, East Java

In collaboration with Association for Community Empowerment (ACE), Pekerti to conduct Marketing Development Program for Women Entrepreneurs through handicraft development in Bojonegoro, East Java. Handicraft business is one of alternative local potential to become source of income for local community in surrounding oil and gas exploration area in Bojonegoro. This project was started by a […]

Marketing Development Program for Women Entrepreneurs and Fair Trade Concept Dissemination

Pekerti together with other NGOs (Association for Community Empowerment/ACE, Terasmitra, Buy to Donate Store and Pink Publicist) which concern to micro and small enterprise, conducting collaborative women empowerment project. The Goal of the project is to increase women’s prosperity through micro and small enterprise development. The activity includes product development training, market access development through […]

Toilet and Sanitation Project

In Indonesia, poor communities and neighborhoods have limited access to basic infrastructure, including sanitation. There are million people especially in rural still practice open defecation because they have no access to basic sanitation facilities. It also happens in some area of Pekerti’s artisans. People defecate in the backyards or river and they think that nature […]