Build Public Toilet Facilities in Subang

jr1As the first Fair Trade member in Indonesia, the ethos of Pekerti in its daily practices refers to the 10 Fair Trade principles. The value of Fair Trade is implemented in a variety of activities, one of which is related to sustainability and environmental concerns. One of Pekerti’s activities related to the environment is providing clean toilet facilities in artisans’ neighborhoods.jr2

Subang district is an artisans’ working area and the location of a Pekerti workshop. Most people in the region still do not have clean toilet facilities in their homes. They use neighbors toilets or the river. This situation is caused by low economic activity.

To combat the problem, Pekerti sought financial support from CSR fund of Jasa Raharja, the government insurance company, and a started the “provide public toilets in Subang” project. The toilets were built in the land owned by a member of the community

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