Build Networking With Jakarta Japan Network (J2Net)

j2net-2Networking is one of the most important strategies for Pekerti to expand market access and promote Fair Trade in Indonesia. Facilitated by Hiroshi, the volunteer from CROSS FIELD, Pekerti had the opportunity to visit Jakarta-Japan Network (J2Net), an organization consisting of Japanese people who live in Indonesia. J2Net has a mission to help disadvantaged children in Jakarta through activities, such as scholarship program, translating story book from Japanese to bahasa Indonesia, and handicraft training. Pekerti was represented by Ukrumah Suda (Head of Marketing) and Nur Aenah (Head of the Division of Community Development and Public Relations) who had met with the Jakarta-Japan Network to introduce Pekerti and discuss the possibility of a mutual partnership to empower disadvantage people through Fair Trade Movement.

The J2Net team is led by Ms Hori Yoshimi, who moved from Japan to Indonesia 18 years ago. The J2Net team took the time to visit Pekerti’s office and browse Pekerti’s products, providing feedback about which products would be suitable for the Japanese market and suggestions for new products that would appeal to Japanese tastes

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