Biannual Meeting and World Fair Trade Celebration

As with years before, Pekerti again held a biannual producer’s meeting  to coincide with World Fair Trade Day. The biannual meeting has objectives to improve harmonious relationships between Pekerti and producer partners. This year the biannual meeting was held in the first week of May 2017 in Yogyakarta. The meeting was attended by Pekerti’s staff and representatives from 20 producer group partners from different regions.  The theme of meeting was to “Strengthen Partnership ”.

The meeting held for 2 days, consisted of Pekerti’s Annual Report followed by a discussion of the issues raised and the challenges that faced by Pekerti and producers in business partnership.  Pekerti also shared information about the World Fair Trade Organization Guarantee System (WFTOGS),  information about design and colour trends, product development and digital marketing.

To celebrate World Fair Trade Day, Pekerti held workshop about entrepreneurship. In this workshop, we invited a young entrepreneur which has been success in handicraft business and export his products to more than 30 countries. He shared how his business started and the strategy how to be success in handicraft business. Hopefully from this workshop, it could provide participants  new idea and strategy to get more success in handicraft business

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