Barbara Brower, Herman and Yvonne Meijer Visit Pekerti


Pekerti recently had the pleasure of hosting a visit by Barbara Brower, one of our founding initiators. Ms Brower came with two volunteers from Holland, Herman and Yvonne Meijer. Mr Meijer is Senior Project Manager City of the City Support Program, a program which assists local governments in Naggroe Aceh Darussalam to recover, re-organize and re-structure parts of Aceh province after its devasation by the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.

Mr and Mrs Meijer will stay in Aceh until 2010. They decided to visit Pekerti in Jakarta after Mrs Meijer expressed her interest in also contributing to a community development project in Aceh.

In a meeting, Peketi shared many of our experiences working with the Acehnese. Our various community development projects were presented to Mrs Meijer to give an overview of how Pekerti has contributed to re-establishing communities’ livelihoods there. These discussions acted to generate ideas and inspiration for Mrs Meijer to devise a workable project in social development in Aceh. Pekerti was able to provide Mrs Meijer with contact details for those people Pekerti has worked with in the region.

 Ms Bromer and Mr and Mrs Meijer took a tour around Pekerti’s office, taking an interest in products which have the potential to be produced in Aceh. The trio and the team at Pekerti hoped our discussions would result in an increased benefit for the people of Aceh.

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