The August 2014 Newsletter

Rest In Peace Mr & Mrs. Utomo Dananjaya

UtomoAt the end of July, Pekerti was deeply saddened by the loss of an important person. Utomo Dananjaya, the Chairman of Pekerti’s Board passed away on July 22 and was followed by his wife, Mien Mutmainah on July 24, 2014.  May God give them the comfort and peace that they seek and may their souls rest in peace.”

Utomo Dananjaya was not only the chairman of Pekerti’s board, but also a founder and former director of Pekerti. There were so many things  Mr. Utomo did to grow Pekerti into an independent organization and provide economic and social benefit to the society, especially to the disadvantage producers in Indonesia.

Pekerti’s 39th Anniversary and Eid Mubarak CelebrationP 6

August 11th was a very special moment for Pekerti. Thirty nine years ago Pekerti was established by social and religious organizations to facilitate community economic development. To celebrate the 39th Anniversary, Pekerti held a small party together with Eid Mubarak. This event was attended by Pekerti’s staffs and board members.

Imam Pituduh, the former director of Pekerti and now board member, gave a short speech about Pekerti’s history. In its 39th year, Pekerti hopes to work better in empowering marginalized producers through Fair Trade and provide better services for our partners. The celebration was ended by having lunch together.


Networking is an important activity for Pekerti. Through networking, Pekerti can form relationships with other organisations and work together on programs which promote Fair Trade. These networks are strengthened by participating in activities organized by other organisations. In May and June, Nur Aenah, from Pekerti’s Community Development and Public Relations Division, participated in the following activities:

1)     Workshop on Social Entrepreneurship Development for strengthening gender equality and social diversity in the Muslim Community Organized by Rahima Foundation.

 poto untuk newsIn addition to increased knowledge on social entrepreneurship, Pekerti also gained new networks with women who are assisting micro and small enterprises in West Java, some of which are handicraft businesses. It is a good opportunity for Pekerti and the women leaders to work together to develop and empower small businesses.

   2)     Launching the Asian Solidarity Economy Council (ASEC) Indonesia, ‘Mutual Aid Ecology Movement

LAUNCHING ASECOne of the goals of this activity is to bring together organizations concerned with community economic development and social entrepreneurship, in order to join the network of Asian Solidarity Economy Council (ASEC), Indonesia. Pekerti, as a Fair Trade organization implementing social entrepreneurship was invited to be part of this movement. This activity was initiated by Bambang Ismawan from Bina Swadaya Consultant, the organisation that was also one of the Pekerti’s founders. The Mutual Aid Ecology Movement is an effort to implement  just and equitable development, and includes various aspects: social, economic, educational, cultural, environmental, technological, and also an ideological-political dimension.

Skill Development Training in Bengkel Subang

As a Fair Trade Organisation, Pekerti is committed to providing services that improve tApuh_newshe skills of artisans. As an example of this commitment, in June 2014, Pekerti provided training to the artisans who work for Bengkel Subang. Training includes:

1)     Texture Painting Skill Training

 Texture painting is a finishing process that uses  material to apply textures to products. A single artisan at Bengkel Subang had this skill, so Pekerti held  texture painting training to spread the skill, which was attended by 3 women. Hopefully through this training the texture painting process can be shared between artisans and lower production times.

2)   Spray Painting Skill Training

Spray painting is a technique with higher quality and smoother finish compared to using a brush. Similar to texture painting, there was only one artisan who had spray painting skills in Bengkel Subang. To transfer these skills, Pekerti held a training session attended by 5 women artisans.semprot

3)    Finishing Training

 This training was provided for unemployed people living around Pekerti’s Bengkel Subang, West Java. Through this training the 2 participants gained new skills and can get a job in Pekerti’s workshop.

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