Imam Pituduh

Pekerti’s ex-director of 25 years has a long history working with natural materials. From 1979 to 1981, Pak Imam managed a rattan technical services centre in Cirebon, West Java. Soon after he managed rattan furniture export company PT Prima Gri Indah and was director of a rattan-processing factory in West Kalimantan. This led to an eight-year position at FORMASI, an organisation dedicated to forming cooperatives in rural Indonesia. His knowledge in this area, along with his experience as a facilitator at the Indonesian Industrial Department’s Community Development program, gave him the opportunity to direct Pekerti from 1984 to 2009.

During his time at Pekerti Pak Imam has initiated and engaged in many community development projects and efforts. He acted as consultant in a social forestry program with the Agribusiness Development Centre (BAPENAS) from 1991-92, and in 2007 he spearheaded Pekerti and Oxfam International’s campaign for income rehabilitation for the victims of the tsunami in West Aceh.  Pak Imam led Pekerti’s campaign to lend temporary shelter to the Yogyakarta earthquake victims in 2006-2007. Economic rehabilitation continued there until 2008, and Pekerti managed donations from the then-named International Federation of Alternative Trade, Ten Thousand Villages USA-Canada, Trade Aid New Zealand, Fair Trade Organisation Netherlands, CTM Italy, EZA Fairer Handel Austria and the Association for Craft Producers Nepal.

Pak Imam has undergone extensive training on behalf of Pekerti, to ensure the Fair Trade principles, quality and safety standards of Fair Trade could be carried out. This includes the Natural Dyes Workshop for the European Market with Aranya craft in Bangladesh, Orientation Seminar on Marketing and Management of Export to the European market with CBI in the Netherlands and Leadership Training for Asian Non Government Organisations with the Institute for Development Research (IDR) in Boston. He holds a qualification in Management Studies and a Masters of Management from the Trianandra School of Management in Jakarta, and a degree from the Education Science faculty of IKIP Muhammadiyah, Surakarta.

In 2008 Pak Imam was honoured by placing as a finalist in the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.