A Big Day for the Planet

World Fair Trade Day is a worldwide celebration of Fair Trade, initiative of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) supported by thousands of citizens, Fair Trade Organizations, social and environmental movements, local authorities, national governments, multilateral institutions, producers and consumers all around the planet. It is expected that several thousands people from more than 50 countries worldwide will participate in hundreds of events to highlight the importance of Fair Trade.

Fair Trade is a concrete and efficient response to poverty reduction, economic and global food crisis, as well as climate change. Fair Trade ensures sustainable conditions for production and fair terms, and advocates for a fair economic system and international trading rules.

Pekerti has celebrated World Fair Trade Day every year since 2003. This year, the organisation will take its awareness-raising efforts to Bali for a special event.

The event, which will be held on 8 May, places a focus on environmental consciousness. In doing so, a tree-planting activity will take place on a property dedicated to replacing the wood used by Pekerti’s Balinese producers in their Fair Trade handicraft work.

Pekerti Director, Mochamad Ichwani, says the activity is a chance to spread the word about the Fair Trade principles.

“One of our responsibilities as a supplier organisation is to make our resource-use sustainable. This event reflects our commitment to that responsibility,” says Pak Iwan.

The planting action will add to the 300 of Pekerti’s trees already growing on the property, which aims to raise public appreciation for natural resources in Bali and indeed, throughout Indonesia. Pekerti’s producers, staff and guests will have the opportunity to hear from I Made Suarnatha, founding member of environmental preservation NGO, the Wisnu foundation.

The World Fair Trade Organization is the global Fair Trade network representing around 400 organisations committed to Fair Trade in 70 countries across 5 regions: Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and North American and the Pacific Rim.

For further information, or WFTO interviews requests, please visit www.wftday.info or contact WFTO at info@wftday.info. For further information from Pekerti Foundation, please contact Yolita Ainun Rahmawati at communications@pekerti.com, or visit www.pekerti.org.

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