Trade for people – Fair Trade your world, Pekerti commemorate World Fair Trade 2011 with its partners

Trade for people - Fair Trade your world

As in previous years, Pekerti as Fair Trade promoter institution in Indonesia has never missed to participate the World Fair Trade Day 2011 celebration together with the producer partners. Some event held to commemorate the big day of Fair Trade organization such as

Fair Trade product bazaar
In the 5-8 April 2011, Pekerti held a bazaar in the Pekerti office parking lot. This bazaar presents Fair Trade products produced by artisans who partnering with Pekerti

The bazaar is intended for the general public around the Pekerti’s office. This event is also a means of Pekerti to promote the Fair Trade movement to the general public.

bazzar“We are delighted with the bazaar like this, than we can buy exports products with relatively cheap prices, we also can knowledge about the Fair Trade” Heri said, one visitor who accidentally saw this bazaar when passed through the Pekerti’s office. “I need decoration products such as candle holders for my studio, very lucky to have this bazaar.” Heri said again.

Decorations product such as candle holders, sculptures, decorative lights, masks, traditional games, batik bowl also boxes become favorite products of visitors.

In this bazaars, Pekerti distributed bookmark as souvenir for customers who buy the Fair Trade product. Besides as a souvenir, this bookmark is a form of promotion because there is explanation of Fair Trade movement and also 10 principles of Fair Trade .

Pekerti plan to routinely hold Fair Trade product bazaar to promote Fair Trade more widely.

WFTD Declaration signature
As one of FTOs, this year, Pekerti involved in celebrating WFTD worldwide through signed the WFTD 2011 declaration on March 29, 2011. It’s signed by our director on behalf of Pekerti members.

In addition of Pekerti’s signature, Pekerti also invite our partner to involve in signing the same declaration as Pekerti done. So, on April 26, 2011 we send our network signature to the WFTO as our participation on celebrating WFTD 2011.

Craft for trees,

Pekerti's director planted a tree on WFTD 2011
Pekerti's director planted a tree on WFTD 2011
This year, Pekerti and its partner commemorated WFTD on 14 May 2011, with tree planting event in area of 300 m2 belongs to one of Pekerti producers, Sujiman (wooden batik artisans), in Pathuk, Wonosari, Yogyakarta. The program is a series of tree planting programs for every turnover Pekerti of 1500 USD and program of “one million trees planting”. For this time Pekerti plant 300 trees of pule tree (Alstonia Scholaris) and sengon tree (Albazia Falcataria). 33 people of producers and Pekerti’ staff attended this event and symbolically planted the trees.

The event Opened by the Director of Pekerti with short speech, which said thanks to producers who willing to spent their time to support the event, then ended with lunch together.
foto wftd
“ I am so honor that Pekerti and all producers friends want to come to my house and hold the event. If Pekerti don’t mind please next two or four years, please held the partners meeting in here, our village. It’s can be the time to see the trees that we planted to day.” Said Sujiman to ended the event.

Annual Meeting and General members Co-op meeting

depan hotelBesides planting trees, on 11 to 13 May 2011, at Bintang Fajar Hotel, Yogyakarta, Pekerti held a partners meeting. Partners meetings conducted be-annual was intended to harmonize the partnership among Pekerti with the producers

In the partners meeting event Pekerti carried training on the Fair Wages and production sheet also dissemination of SFTMS. Fair Wages and Production Sheet training is needed so that the producer able to perform calculations in a fair wage for their workers. Pekerti socialized two types of Fair Wages form from buyers and taught the producers how to fill the form correctly. Another important think that Pekerti shared to the producers was how to make photo of production process, it’s a part of promotional matter. The training of SFTMS ended by commitment signature among Pekerti and the producers group who agree with the target of Fair Trade implementation in producer’s business activities as their capacity to do so.

In addition to training, this meeting also discussed about problems that occur in partnerships of Pekerti and producers both in the institutions and orders. Pekerti also shred about the color trend with showing the story board from the buyers so hopefully the producers got ideas to make new product based on the story boards. In this meeting also discussed the Pekerti’s annual reports of 2010 and the meeting series ended with the members meeting of Pekerti’ staff and handicraft producers co-operative, KOPERTI

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