7.6 Magnitude Earthquake hits Padang, West Sumatera


On Wednesday 30 September at 5:16 PM local time, an earthquake measuring 7.6 on the Richter scale devastated Sumatera. The earthquake centered in Southwest Pariaman and is said to have been more destructive than Yogyakarta’s 2006 disaster.

Tremors could be felt in Malaysia and Singapore as the earthquake caused the collapse of more than 500 buildings in the city of Padang. Agam suffered from a fire while hundreds of houses in regencies close by collapsed, causing landslides, which cut off road access. Over 464 causalities have resulted and as this report is released bodies continue to be recovered. 

On the morning of 1 October a 7.0 magnitude earthquake caused destruction in Jambi and Bengkulu, West Java. According to Indonesian news source Kompas, the earthquake damaged at least 30 homes of residents in Village Lolo and Sungai Hangat in the district of Mount Kerinci. No deaths have been reported. Citizens tried to save themselves from their own homes in heavy rain conditions including hospital patients who were seen dragging themselves out of hospital buildings.


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