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Pekerti Foundation

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Pekerti stands for Pengembangan Kerajinan Rakyat Indonesia or Indonesian People’s  Handicraft Foundation. We are an Indonesian Fair Trade supplier and social development organisation formed in Jakarta in 1975. Pekerti was the first Fair Trade member to be established in Indonesia and one of the first in the world. Our mandate is to increase the incomes of subsistence farmers and other poor people living in rural Indonesia through the development and sale of Fair Trade handicrafts.

As a Fair Trade supplier, Pekerti gives assistance to handicraft producers to market their products domestically and provides services in export, which would otherwise not be available. Our associated micro credit lending institution Koperti is available to provide producers with soft loans for investment. Pekerti’s community development sector provides producers with training in the 10 Standards of Fair Trade and product safety, and undertakes projects in emergency relief, housing reconstruction and long-term economic recovery through small and micro enterprise (SME) establishment.

Pekerti’s functions stem from both Pekerti Foundation and Pekerti Nusantara Company, which was founded in 1979 and manages sales and export of our producers’ Fair Trade handicrafts.


To establish a prosperous, democratic, and just society


  • Improving the artisans prosperity through the empowering program
  • Creation of an environment which supports economic and fair trade through education and networks
  • Strengthen the professionalism within Pekerti, its networks, and artisan groups in order to best participate in achieving economic-democratic and fair trade.