Andrew, a year with Pekerti


Time keeps running, it was one-year since AVI’s volunteer has worked for Pekerti, Andrew Fleming, the AVI’s volunteer should return to his country, Australia. Many results have been given by Andrew, during his voluntary in Pekerti, especially built a website for marketing Indonesian handicraft to domestic market. With this website, when visitors are interested in […]

Build Public Toilet Facilities in Subang


As the first Fair Trade member in Indonesia, the ethos of Pekerti in its daily practices refers to the 10 Fair Trade principles. The value of Fair Trade is implemented in a variety of activities, one of which is related to sustainability and environmental concerns. One of Pekerti’s activities related to the environment is providing […]

Nur is No Longer Working for Pekerti


Nur Aenah Ahmad, The Head of Community Development and Public Relations, officially resigned from Pekerti March 3rd 2015. Nur has been with Pekerti for 11 years and was always committed to building the capacity of communities and producers through community development program. We thank for her contribution to Pekerti and we also wish the best […]

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